Boggi Milano Tech-Tailoring

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Tech-Tailoring, a menswear revolution

Boggi Milano’s Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection includes a Tech-Tailoring suit, whose natural stretch makes it crease-resistant and super-comfortable. It is...

office polo

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The office polo trend

Are polo shirts appropriate for office wear? The office polo shirt trend is gaining ground even in more formal...

watch article

Man’s World

How to choose a watch for your look

There are some looks that call for specific types of watches. Here is a brief review of the principal...


Boggi Cities


Boggi Milano is present in Venice with 4 boutiques. Read more about this wonderful city, a paradise of historic...

Boggi Milano swimwear

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Swim trunks 2019: men’s beach style

The question is, how do you choose your swim trunks? We have a range of classic swim shorts in...

Boggi Milano espadrilles 2019

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Espadrilles 2019 by Boggi Milano

For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Boggi Milano has launched two variants of its new espadrilles.

Boggi Milano floral print shirts

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How to wear floral print in men’s fashion styles

Floral print motifs are a strong presence in the Boggi Milano Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and they reflect a significant...

100 percent linen suits

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Linen suits by Boggi Milano

Boggi Milano’s latest 100% linen suits exploit all the benefits of this textile: durability, breathability, colour-fastness and lasting style.

Boggi Milano Aria blazer 3 versions

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The Aria blazer, light and crease-resistant

The Aria blazer by Boggi Milano is an incredibly light jacket, made in a fabric that does not crease,...

Boggi Milano Su Misura

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Su Misura made-to-measure service

With its made-to-measure service titled “Su Misura,” Boggi Milano enhances its range of men’s suits, meeting the demands of customers...

Boggi Cities


Milan is a treasure trove of the past and a workshop for the future. It is a fitting home...


Boggi Cities


Basel is a cultural powerhouse, with 40 museums, in addition to a fine Old Town, the oldest university in...