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Aero Gravity

Aero Gravity

Aero Gravity is a free-fall simulator, the largest vertical tunnel in the world and the only one of its type in Italy. The sensations are those of skydiving, with the same adrenaline rush, but in total safety.

Inside a transparent cylinder 8 metres tall, 6 powerful turbines create a 370km/h blast of air that cancel the effects of gravity and enable you to float mid-air.

Prices from €49, for an experience that lasts one minute, twice. Participants are requested to arrive one hour before their flight time. The building is large, but positioned in the centre of what used to be the Expo showground, so it’s not easy to find. Use Google Maps with “Aero Gravity”. A brief, unusual, intense experience. Maximum enjoyment with no risk.

Aero Gravity
Via G. d’Annunzio 23
20016 Pero (Milano)
Tel. +39 02 4547 1432