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Antica Farmacia Erboristica Sant’Anna, Genoa

Antica Farmacia Erboristica Sant'Anna

The ancient Pharmacy of Sant’Anna is located in the like-named square in the Castelletto district of Genoa, part of the Frati Carmelitani Scalzi monastery. It is an unfamiliar monument in the city, little-known even to the Genoese, and it represents an oasis of peace just a short way from the city centre. It has been in operation from the early 17th century, from when it was added to the Church of Sant’Anna founded in 1584, which preserves some Baroque decorations and paintings. The monastery also has a charming rose garden and a historic library. The Antica Farmacia still has its original furnishings in walnut, some antique instruments and pharmacy jars. It sells a range of herbal preparations such as lotions, creams, tisanes and remedies, based on original recipes that have been used for centuries. It is the oldest ‘bottega storica’ (historic enterprise) shop in Genoa never to have changed ownership.

The Antica Farmacia is open from Monday to Friday, 8.30am-12.30pm, 3.30pm-7.30pm, closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Antica Farmacia Erboristica Sant’Anna
Piazza Sant’Anna 8
16125 Genova
Tel. +39 010 2513 285