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Asola Cucina Sartoriale

Asola is at the top of The Brian & Barry Building near Piazza San Babila, Milan, with fine views over the city. It is a restaurant arranged around a kitchen, and at the centre of the kitchen is chef Matteo Torretta, who combines culinary suggestions from all over the world in his sparkling, creative style. The tasting menus include reinterpretations of Milanese classics such as Risotto alla Milanese and Tiramisù, and adventurous recipes such as French-style duck – roast breast of duck, praline asparagus, mushrooms and a Cynar sauce – and the dessert “Gin Tonic on a plate,” with lime, tonic water and cucumber.

The restaurant is open every day for lunch (12.30pm-2.30 pm), dinner (7.30pm-11pm) and Sunday brunch (midday.4pm).

Asola Cucina Sartoriale
Via Durini 28
20122 Milano
Tel. +39 02 8362 3084