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Borsari 36 e Victoria Lounge e Cafè

Borsari 36 and the Victoria Lounge & Café are inside the luxury Palazzo Victoria hotel, just five minutes from Piazza delle Erbe. Borsari 36 is a restaurant with an original format, featuring a sophisticated Show Kitchen at the centre of the dining room. Chef Carmine Calò directs operations and gives diners the chance to interact, giving them an experience that is not just culinary, but wholly multi-sensorial. In the summer season, guests can enjoy his creations in a fine 14th-century courtyard in the shade of large white sunshades.

Victoria Lounge & Café is not just a bar, but an important part of Palazzo Victoria, where emotion is an important part of the recipe. There are not many places in which you can enjoy fantastic cocktails and fine wines in such a magical setting, the result of past glories in combination with a refreshing refurbishment in contemporary style. In addition to the classical cocktails, in first place the Spritz, pride of Verona, the expert bar staff are brilliant at revisiting the great classics, and at inventing new cocktails that will offer a lot of surprises to experts. They also represent the perfect introduction to the art of cocktails, something that Italians do extremely well.

Borsari 36 e Victoria Lounge & Cafè Palazzo Victoria
Via Adua 8
37121 Verona

Tel. +39 045 596 508