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Delirium Cafè

This famous beer house is near Grand Place, and it is named after the beer Delirium Tremens whose symbol is a pink elephant, which can be seen at the entrance. Housed in an 18th-century building, Delirium Cafè is famous for the huge range of beers available, with 2000 labels from more than 60 countries worldwide. In 2004 it won an award from the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of beers available on sale, which at the time numbered 2004. The beer house has several floors, and it is the idea location whatever your tastes in beer. You will be able to discover some new and exciting brews in a pleasant evening with your friends.

Open from Monday to Saturday, 10am- 4am, closing at 3am on Sundays.

Delirium Cafè
Impasse de la Fidélité 4
1000 Bruxelles
Tel. +32 (0)2 514 44 34