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Today, Milan is famous the world over for its fashion and design brands. In the recent past it was home to points of industrial excellence such as Campari and Alfa Romeo. Hundreds of years ago, figures such as Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Ludovico il Moro and Leonardo da Vinci ensured that Milan was always a pivotal city in European trade and culture. The soaring vertical lines of the magnificent Cathedral founded in 1386 are now mirrored by some of the most evocative new tall buildings in the country.

Milan’s traditions still thrive, as in the Milan yellow that you can see in the Neoclassical buildings of the old centre, the restaurants specialising in local recipes such as Risotto alla milanese, and the Milanese language that is still spoken by a minority of the 1.3 million population. Alongside old habits, Milan is constantly generating new trends, such as the Happy Hour aperitifs ritual, and Design Week that attracts people from all over the world to catch up on everything that is new and cool in furniture and architecture.

Milan is different from other Italian cities because it doesn’t have a single specific style of architecture. While Venice is Gothic, Florence is Renaissance and Rome is predominantly Baroque, waves of destruction and reconstruction have given Milan a bewildering variety of styles and a lot of modern architecture, not all of it good. But it still has a lot to offer people in search of culture, with everything that Leonardo da Vinci left – the Last Supper, the Cathedral’s Dome, the canals, his notebooks at Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, and the gigantic bronze equestrian sculpture ‘Leonardo’s Horse – in addition to the Cathedral, the Castle, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which was the world’s first covered shopping arcade, and many other sights.

With a wealth of superlative experiences, from top level cuisine to opera at La Scala, Milan has everything that a visitor needs. If you can, avoid visiting in July, when the climate is hot and very humid, and August, which is traditionally a holiday month and so there is not very much going on in the city. In any case, Milan is perfectly positioned for nearby points of interest such as Como and the lakes, Verona, Venice, Genoa and the Riviera, and the unspoilt countryside of the Apennines, all of which are just a short drive or train ride away.

In short, Milan is a treasure trove of the past and a workshop for the future. It is a fitting home for our brand Boggi Milano.

Traditional restaurants

Antica Trattoria Galeria
Antica Trattoria Galeria

Trattoria Arlati
Trattoria Arlati

Innovative cuisine

Asola Cucina Sartoriale

Innocenti evasioni
Innocenti Evasioni

Vegetarian/vegan cuisine

Capra & Cavoli

Joia Milano

Flower Burger

International cuisine

Iyo Milano

La Parrilla Mexicana, Milano
La Parrilla Mexicana

Locali aperitivo

Backdoor43 Milano
BackDoor 43

Mag Cafe Milano
Mag Café


Terrazza12, Milano
Terrazza 12

Armani Privé, Milano
Armani Privé

Ceresio 7 | Pools & Restaurant
Ceresio 7 | Pools & Restaurant

Gattopardo Milano

1930, Milan’s most famous speakeasy


Bullfrog, Milano

GUM Salon, Milano
GUM Salon

Oir barber shop, Milano
Oir Barber Shop Milano

Tonsor Club, Milano
Tonsor Club


The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Milano
The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Milano


GetFIT Via Ravizza
GetFIT Via Ravizza


Cigar Room, Gallia Lounge & Bar
Cigar Room, Gallia Lounge & Bar

Cigars and Co., Milano
Cigars and Co.


Aero Gravity, Milano
Aero Gravity

Museo Storico Alfa Romeo
Museo Storico Alfa Romeo

Torre Branca, Milano
Torre Branca

Members’ Clubs

Clubhouse Brera, Milano
Clubhouse Brera