Alberto Noè

Alberto Noè, let’s talk about beauty. For Shiseido, beauty is about much more than aesthetics, it’s about empathy and involvement. It’s a precious asset worth fighting for. What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is something distinctive, unique, that can’t be stereotyped. I completely share Shiseido’s vision; beauty is empathy, a positive force that can bring people together. This empathy is born when people recognise the diversity of beauty, and respect and understand its infinite potential.

You have a real insight into the feminine perspective. In your opinion, what qualities make a man really stand out to a woman?
Women are looking for understanding, charisma and self-deprecation. A man must convey a sense of safety, be someone they can always rely on, and, of course, be chivalrous.

Male beauty has evolved a great deal in recent years. From your point of view, what has changed?

Men today pay a lot more attention to their appearance, and this phenomenon extends to the world of beauty. Just recently, men have been taking an interest in the cosmetics market, and they have already become heavy users, even more so than women!

Male icons: which man is the ultimate symbol of contemporary beauty?
For me, it is definitely Luca Argentero. He really embodies the qualities I described earlier: self-deprecating, charismatic… and he is a perfect specimen of Italian beauty, which never hurts!

Inner beauty: what three qualities make a Gentleman?
Respect, honesty, consistency.

Vincent Cassel, Adrien Brody, Javier Bardem are all modern beauty icons, despite their imperfections. Which of your flaws would you never change?

If male beauty could be summed up in a single outfit, what would it be?
A tuxedo. It is such a fascinating, untouchable item, and you know that it will never get old. A tuxedo is above personal style, above elegance. This is the outfit of choice for Jay Gatsby, for Sean Connery and 007. When you are wearing a tuxedo, you are practically superhuman.

What is the garment that makes you feel completely at ease? What is your definition of elegance?
A blue suit, because it truly fits any occasion, so you can be elegant even in the most informal situations. A blue suit is a real confidence booster; I can wear it for work meetings, important events, or a quiet evening with friends. For me, elegance is a way of facing life with lightheartedness, sensitivity and irony.

Who do you think most represents the Gentleman of today?
Paolo Maldini, because he has proven himself to be a consistent and passionate man, he is loyal and takes his responsibilities seriously, and he never gives in.

Let’s take a trip into the future. What do you think male beauty will be like in 20 years?
Looking to the past, the average man used to own at most one bottle of cologne, whereas today we all own at least two fragrances and a face cream. I think that in the future beauty will become more and more
important, personalised and distinctive. It will become a tool of self-realisation rather than self-celebration.