Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari, NBA star and example of Italian excellence, the perfect embodiment of Boggi Milano style: profoundly Italian, but famous all over the world. What part of your style is international, and what is quintessentially Made in Italy?
I think that the international aspects of my style are actually created by the Italian style characteristics. I feel honoured to be in a position to showcase the concept of Made in Italy all over the world, above all in America.

We are used to seeing you in your team kit, but off the court, what are the garments that you could never be without?
In a place like Milan with its high society, you have to be prepared for anything, and I think that jacket and shirt is always a winning combination.

The Boggi Milano Gentleman is a confident, rational, determined man, someone who is able to express his unique talent to the full. You are the perfect example of these characteristics. Could you tell us the distinctive features that a man needs to be a Gentleman?
He should have exterior style, and interior style, and he should be stylish in the way he interacts with other people.

For a Gentleman, elegance is about feeling at home in any situation, from the most relaxed to the most formal occasions. As a great sportsman, you often have to make the transition from basketball court to exclusive events. Which is the outfit that makes you feel perfectly dressed on every occasion?
You can never go wrong with a suit and tie. I think that the suit is the garment that enables you to feel right on every occasion, because whether it’s before or after a game, it’s like going to work, you have to be prepared and have a touch of style.

For Boggi Milano, elegance goes beyond appearance: it includes aspects of style, but also values and actions. What do you think makes a man truly elegant?
The way that he treats other people, above all women.

Sport and style often go hand in hand. Which sportsmen do you consider as examples of elegance?
The first names that come to mind are my first two sporting heroes, Roger Federer and Michael Jordan. In their respective sports, they are examples of impressive style – above all Michael Jordan – and they were pioneers of their own trends that others then followed.

Boggi Milano gives great importance to its Su Misura made-to-measure service that enables any man to wear a suit that is perfect for his configuration. Given your impressive height and build, I’m sure that you appreciate the concept of a suit that is made specifically for your shape and style. How does it feel to wear a suit that was made expressly for you?
A made-to-measure suit is fundamental for me because I cannot shop in regular shops: everything I wear has to be made-to-measure. When you put something on that fits you perfectly, it’s an amazing feeling that makes you feel good about wearing it in public.

Boggi Milano believes that a Gentleman has certain distinctive features, in his character and style. Which are yours?
In terms of style, I would say simplicity. Plus self-assured confidence, and personality.

Let’s play a mindgame. Imagine that we’re making your perfect made-to-measure suit. What should it be like, and what details should it have?
I have very long legs, so the trousers have to be perfect, and that is probably the hardest part of the task. I also have long arms, so these are also problematic when taking the measurements.

Which item of clothing do you feel most comfortable in?
The garment in which I feel most comfortable is a shirt.

At Boggi Milano we believe that there are certain rules that a Gentleman follows by nature. Which is the first rule of a Gentleman according to Danilo Gallinari?
The first rule of being a Gentleman is being self-confident.

Thank you, Danilo Gallinari!
Thank you!