Filippo Di Carlo

Today we have the pleasure of talking to Filippo Di Carlo, Sales & Logistics Manager at Galleria dello Scudo, Verona. Filippo, your family has been involved in art for several generations, starting from your great grandmother. Is a love for art a question of genetics?
As far as I’m concerned, it’s something that I have always felt inside. As I often say to my friends and the collectors whom I meet in the gallery, I grew up on bread and Umberto Boccioni. Art is something that comes from deep inside.

Galleria dello Scudo plays an important cultural role in Verona. Would it have been easier to attain success if it had been in Milan?
No, I don’t think it’s the location that determines a gallery’s success, but rather the art that it presents, the quality of its catalogues and exhibitions, the criteria used in the selections for its annual shows, these are the factors that have led to our success.

Customers enter Boggi Milano’s stores not only to buy products, but also to receive style advice. Is the same true of your gallery?
Yes, definitely, I think that for every sale, we receive a dozen requests for advice. People entering the gallery, collectors or just people who like art, ask us for our suggestions and opinions, or simply for an exchange of views. Today a work of art, as well as being an object of aesthetic value, is a way of diversifying one’s assets, a form of investment, and our collectors dedicate a lot of attention to these aspects.

Usually an artist is considered as someone with an eccentric and unpredictable personality. Do you think that the concept of the Gentleman can exist in the world of art?
It depends on the interpretation of the word Gentleman. It can be linked to appearance, to how one dresses, or to one’s inborn characteristics. For example, the great contemporary artist Julian Schnabel goes around wearing pyjamas. His interpretation is one of absolute charm, and, to be honest, lots of notches on his Winchester!

You work in the field of aesthetics every day. Do you apply the same sort of attention to your own personal appearance?
Even though you can’t judge a book from the cover, the first impression is very important, and so a curated appearance is fundamental.

In which outfit do you feel comfortable for important occasions such as the opening of a show?
A blue 2-button suit, a white shirt, blue tie, black Oxfords.

How do you dress in your leisure time?
My casual looks can be jeans or chinos, a shirt, or a destructured jacket and trousers, but a pair of fringe moccasins is a must. Even my slippers are fringed!

Boggi Milano is not about perfect men, but rather men who are capable of transforming their defects into strengths. Is there a defect that you would prefer not to lose?
My receding hair line! My vertiginous forehead has been one of my distinctive features for at least a decade.

One of the Gentleman’s distinctive traits is knowing how to treat his partner. Do you think that you can win the hand of a woman using art?
I won the heart of my ex-wife with art, and then the heart of my current partner with art. So in my case the answer is definitely yes.

At Boggi Milano we believe that there are certain rules that a Gentleman follows by nature. Which is your most important rule?
Be natural, polite, respectful, behave with good taste. A Gentleman is born, not made. You can refine your character to a degree, but in the end it’s something you’re born with.

Our time is up, and so thank you, Filippo Di Carlo.
Thank you.

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