Franco Cassina

Franco Cassina intervista

From MDF Italia, innovative Italian design company, Franco Cassina provides his insights on the identity of a modern Gentleman.

Today we have the pleasure of meeting Franco Cassina, Sales Director for Italy at the company MDF Italia. MDF Italia’s success is based on the ability to interpret contemporary culture, perceiving and anticipating trends that reflect changes in taste and modern living requirements. I am sure that the modern Gentleman can be found amongst your customers. How would you describe him?
I think that the idea of a modern Gentleman is linked principally to interior aspects, his style of living and the way in which he interacts with other people. In my opinion, a Gentleman is polite, considerate and refined, someone who treats every situation in the best way possible, with a natural simplicity. Of course, his appearance, the capability of dressing for the occasion, is also important.

Is there an outfit that you prefer for work?
I think that I am good at adapting to every situation. Some occasions call for a smart appearance and in this case I wear a suit, but at other times a more relaxed, casual look, such as jacket, shirt and jeans, is perfect.

Boggi Milano draws inspiration from the style of an Italian man who nonetheless has a cosmopolitan approach. What are the typically Italian characteristics of your own personal style?
Being able to combine accessories in the best possible way. This is true also in my area of business, in which it is important to be able to choose the colours, textiles and materials used for furnishings. Let me show you a studio where we clothe our products, combining accessories, materials and textiles, it’s an interesting space.

Accessories are a great way of personalizing your look. Is there an accessory that you could not go without?
The belt. Whether I am wearing jeans or trousers, there has to be a belt. And I like a pocket square in my breast pocket when I am wearing a suit.

What is Franco Cassina’s casual outfit?
Utmost simplicity. I like to dress comfortably, in jeans or trousers, trainers, and a shirt or T-shirt.

Boggi Milano is not about perfect men, but men who manage to turn their defects into points of strength. Do you have a defect, whether physical or behavioural, that you could not go without?
I think that strengths and defects are hallmarks that belong to us and make us unique. One thing that I have noticed in recent years is that I am very meticulous, and at work I think that this is a good thing, but it should be confined to work. In our leisure time, considering the effort that we dedicate to our job, it’s important to be as relaxed and uncomplicated as possible.

What would you say is the secret to winning a woman’s heart?
Being yourself.

Boggi Milano believes that there are some rules that a Gentleman follows instinctively. If you had to choose, which would be your first rule?
Humility, without a doubt.