Marco Cremona, Google creative lead for Russia

Welcome, please come in.

Marco Cremona, creative lead for Russia at Google, you are a good expression of the Boggi Milano man: Italian, but international as well, capable of expressing yourself and attaining ambitious objectives. What is it that enabled you to reach your current status?
Above all, curiosity. I feel a bit like Sponge Bob, I am ready to soak up everything around me. And in addition, a pathological sense of dissatisfaction.

In the past you were creative director at agencies of the calibre of McCann Erickson and Young & Rubicam. On the subject of creativity, do you apply it to your style of dressing? Is it possible to be elegant in a creative way?
People say that a cobbler has the worst shoes, and the same is true of a creative director, who finds it difficult to apply this creativity in his personal sphere, to his clothing.

Boggi Milano makes garments for modern Gentlemen: contemporary men with a fascination of times past. Do you feel a bit like a Gentleman? If so, in what way?
Above all in my relationship with women, because I always try to behave with elegance and good manners, right down to the smallest gestures or a flash of sensitivity. These traits of behaviour are always well received.

In your style, have you been influenced by the places in which you have lived? Is there something Italian-made in your wardrobe?
Just about everything is Italian-made, partly because I have noticed that our roots are widely appreciated. Considering that Italy already has a position of leadership worldwide when it comes to questions of taste, I don’t feel a need to learn from other cultures.

Boggi Milano isn’t about perfect men, but men who are able to transform their defects into positive features. Which are the defects, physical or behavioural, that you couldn’t go without?
In terms of character, being shy is undoubtedly a great defect that has caused me to miss out on the chance of meeting all sorts of people during my life. From the physical point of view, my height is unfortunately a defect, because everything, from door handles to tables and aircraft, is made for people shorter than me.

Everyone has their skeletons in the cupboard: accessories or outfits that are not exactly high on fashion. Have you had any style accidents in the past that you regret?
I remember that for a certain period I always wore a white vest under my shirt, and that’s something that I am rather ashamed of, above all when I see the photos of myself at that time.

One of the characteristics of a Gentleman is his ability to charm his life partner and make her feel important. What is the secret to winning a woman’s heart?
Unfortunately there are no secrets, and even if there were, I haven’t discovered them. But I can say that flowers always make a good impression. If you like, we could take a walk outside and have a look at some nature.

A Gentleman and social media: let’s think about a contemporary Gentleman’s Facebook page. What sort of post would we find there?
When I think of a Gentleman in my business, it would be Don Draper from Mad Men, but I think that he wouldn’t use Facebook: he would have an Instagram profile. He would prefer to use images from his life, rather than messages to be posted or shared.

Let’s take a test. You walk into a restaurant with your partner. Where will you have her take a seat, and why?
The man should go in first, and then I would ensure that she is given the best place of all, in terms of visibility.

Boggi Milano believes that there are precise rules that a Gentleman naturally follows. What are Marco Cremona’s rules for a Gentleman?
My principal rule is linked principally to an attitude, a behaviour. To summarize it in one word, courtesy.

Unfortunately our time has run out, and so, thank you very much, Marco Cremona.
Thank you, and shall I book the restaurant?