Marco Melis interview

Marco Melis interview

In an interview conducted at his studio in Domegge di Cadore, at the heart of an industrial cluster specialized in sunglasses and spectacles, in an area surrounded by spectacular mountain landscapes, Marco Melis, designer and manufacturer of hand-made sunglesses, talks to us about the profile of a Gentleman.

Today we have the pleasure of meeting Marco Melis, designer and producer of sunglasses made by hand in the Cadore district, part of the Veneto region. Marco, you have often compared making your sunglasses to a made-to-measure suit. Could you tell us more about this metaphor?

Products that were previously series-made are still popular, but there is a demand for something exclusive. So we work on the details, on the exact fit, the type of sunglasses, the colour of the lenses, on what the customer is looking for. Often they become true one-off pieces.

You created Boggi Milano’s SanBabila sunglasses. What was your inspiration for this model?

We realized that we had to do something specific, reflecting the Boggi Milano approach. We made 999 units in three colours, gold, steel and black, and its point of strength is the hand-made input of our artisans.

Sunglasses are accessories capable of enhancing a man’s profile. But which are the characteristics that enhance a Gentleman?

Without doubt, versatility and elegance. Things that are noticed above all when they are not present. If you have this sort of memory of someone, there is no doubt that he has left his mark.

As a Gentleman, which outfit do you choose to face the day?

I am a Gentleman who likes to dress in a very relaxed style! But even a casual look should have a personal touch. I often wear jeans, but in any case with a smart jacket. Often, when I am in the workshop or a design studio, I try on the prototypes myself, and so a smart shirt can be useful.

Boggi Milano’s inspiration comes from the style of Italian men with a cosmopolitan outlook. In your own dress style, what would you define as typically Italian?

When we notice someone who looks smart, often we discover that he was wearing an Italian suit. So I would say, elegance.

Boggi Milano is not about perfect men, but about men who turn their defects into points of strength. Do you have a defect that you could not go without?

I don’t really believe in qualities and defects. I believe in personality, which is created by the defects.

One of the characteristics of a Gentleman is the way he treats his companion. In your opinion, what is the secret of winning a woman’s heart?

I don’t think that there are any secrets. The only thing you can do to win a woman’s heart is to be there for her.

At Boggi Milano we believe that there are certain rules that are part of a Gentleman’s instinct. What is the first rule for a Gentleman according to Marco Melis?

I would say, generosity. As Totò said, in whatever situation, generosity. It always pays.