Maurizio Felugo

For over a year, Boggi Milano has had the honour of supplying garments to the Pro Recco water polo team. What do the athletes of such an important team have in common with the Gentlemen who choose Boggi Milano?
This magnificent team is made up of important young men who, when they are touring worldwide, are taken as examples, and I think that the link between them and the world of Gentlemen is that they represent their team in the best possible way.

After your career as a water polo player, you made the transition to a very different role, becoming your team’s President. In your free time, what are the garments in which you feel most comfortable?
Most of my free time is taken up by my two children, and so hard-wearing garments are the best of all.

Boggi Milano is based on an Italian approach to menswear, but with an international outlook. You came into contact with players from all over world in your work with the Olympic team. In your style of dressing, is there something international, and something distinctively Italian?
In international competitions, Italian men are always considered as points of reference. The way that we wear a shirt and tie seems to give us that extra touch of style that sets us apart.

Boggi Milano is all about modern Gentlemen: men who don’t forget the past, but who are looking to the future. In your opinion, what characteristics should a contemporary Gentleman possess?
I think that he is similar to an athlete who can move on from past events very quickly, because all his attention is on the next objective, while retaining a strong focus on the present.

When you are not in the pool, as an Olympic player or as the President of Pro Recco, you must receive many invitations to important, exclusive events. Which is the outfit that makes you feel up to the occasion?
If it is a particularly smart evening, I try to dress accordingly, so that I look a bit more dignified as well!

How would you describe elegance? What are the qualities of an elegant man, in terms of appearance and character?
I play sports, and for years I spent a lot of time wearing just swimming trunks. Now I try to pay more attention to the details, to everything that I wear.

One of the characteristics of a Gentleman is his ability to charm a woman and make her feel important. What is the secret to winning a woman’s heart?
The right approach, a positive attitude, and a bit of humour. I think that these are the most important factors involved in unlocking a woman’s heart.

Sport and style often go together. Who would you say is the most elegant sportsman of all time?
My choice would be an incredible athlete who still delights us with his marvellous play, Roger Federer. He gives you a sensation of elegance in his movements and style.

Determination, self-confidence, talent, elegance. These are some of the characteristics that hallmark the Boggi Milano man. But what is it that sets the champion apart from an ordinary athlete? What makes a champion?
The champion, and the word itself, incorporates all those characteristics, because very often, results are attained by means of such qualities.

Boggi Milano believes that there are precise rules that a Gentleman naturally follows. Which is Maurizio Felugo’s most important rule for a Gentleman?
Personally I think that I have simply tried to express the same things that I did when I was a player, therefore great determination, a sense of self-sacrifice, and a lot of respect for other people.

Thank you, Maurizio Felugo!