Tommaso Arrigoni

Tommaso Arrigoni Innocenti Evasioni

Hello, welcome to Innocenti Evasioni.

Thank you. Tommaso, how did you develop your passion for cooking?

It was all due to the master chefs with whom I have worked. I was fortunate to have some truly inspiring teachers. Of course, I knew that I wanted to become a chef, but when you start, you are too young and so it is difficult to imagine what your working life will be like.

Could you tell us about the path that led to your Michelin star?

In actual fact it was not part of my ambitions, all I have ever wanted to do is to ensure that my guests are fully satisfied. For me this is fundamental. It requires constant attention to detail, service, cooking, everything that you offer. If you get all this right, the awards arrive in consequence.

Do you think that you have surpassed your masters?

No, that could never be true. I don’t think that there is a sense of open competition, and I try to maintain a form of interaction that helps everyone improve. So, absolutely not.

Why ‘Innocenti Evasioni’?

Innocenti Evasioni is a name that I inherited, because the family that opened the restaurant almost 30 years ago liked Lucio Battisti’s music, and ‘Innocenti Evasioni,’ innocent pursuits, is one of his songs that describes a dinner where a certain person is expected, and then someone else arrives, there is champagne, and a whole story linked to the world of food as an opportunity for socialising. It’s a lovely theme.

Is there an ingredient that you particularly like using?

I love chocolate, and also cocoa beans. They confer a touch of acidity, very interesting in all sorts of recipes.

You often use rice in your dishes. Is this linked to Lombard tradition?

Yes, partly. I love risottos and I love all of Milan’s culinary traditions. I am from Lombardy and, yes, I like cooking rice. It is one of my favourite ingredients.

Boggi Milano is an expression of passion for Italian elegance. Would you describe your cuisine in the same way?

Definitely. A passion for elegance is one of the characteristics that helps me develop my recipes, but it is not the only factor involved. I also have a great passion for wine, and I make my own on a small vineyard in Monferrato. If you like, we could go down into the cellar and you can taste my wine.

That would be a pleasure!

Here we are in my cellar. All around you can see one of my passions, wine. This is my own label, it is named 6 D 3 because it stands for ‘6 Di Marzo,’ sixth of March, my son’s date of birth. The wine is dedicated to him. Cheers to Italian style!

Cheers to everything Italian!
In the kitchen, precision and attention to detail are essential. In a men’s outfit, which are the details that make the difference?

In my opinion the important details are footwear, but more in general, accessories. So I think about the suit in a secondary phase, later on. Details are fundamental, both in dress and in cuisine.

Tommaso, our time is up, and so once again, many thanks.

Thank you, and let’s drink another toast!

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