Andrea Melchiorre – A Journey in Style

Gentleman’s Chronicles: Andrea Melchiorre, style ambassador, content creator, influencer. You recently went on a trip to three European cities, Paris, Brussels and Stuttgart, where you met three local influencers and discovered their favourite locations. Andrea, your Instagram profile is one of the most highly followed in Italy. Could you tell us how you succeeded in attaining these results, starting from your passion for fashion?

Andrea Melchiorre: “I consider Instagram as a way of communicating my passion. I began posting images of garments and photographs of looks for events, and I have always received comments from male readers asking for advice on looks and style. Likewise from female browsers, who may be looking for suggestions for their boyfriend, or for gift ideas. I dedicate meticulous attention to details and accessories. I give great importance to the colour of my pocket square, my socks, the lining of my jacket, the buttons, I want these details to be absolutely perfect. I am impressed by Boggi Milano because the brand succeeds in providing answers to my rather demanding necessities.”

What sort of relationship do you have with Milan?

“It’s only natural that someone who does the sort of job that I do spends some time in Milan. It’s fantastic to be there during Fashion Week, but there is much more, it is a city that lives and breathes fashion. Even when working on a simple shoot on the streets, the city provides that touch of fashion that few other cities are capable of adding. It is a constant part of my everyday life, because very often I spend my working days here.”

What was it like working with Boggi Milano, and why did you embark on this collaboration?

“My passion for fashion began when I was very young, watching my father adjust his tie in the morning, or in the evening, before leaving the house in order to start work. He always wore Boggi Milano outfits. That’s where the idea came from. When I received the proposal for a collaboration with the company, it was like a return to my past. I like the fact that in every city that I visited, at the store there was at least one member of the staff who was Italian, with high levels of menswear expertise. It made me feel at home.”

What was it like visiting Paris with Raphael Spezzotto, fashion influencer, entrepreneur and travel enthusiast? What sort of style advice did you and Raphael exchange?

Paris is close to my heart, a beautiful, attractive city, one that I never tire of visiting, and in addition, I love their cuisine. I saw the typically French natural elegance in Raphael’s looks, and in his attitude and interactions with me. As regards his style, I noticed his choice of colours, very light with clear references to winter, pale beige, grey and cream. He made his outfits friendlier and more casual by adding a suede waistcoat and sneakers, differently to my own look which was a bit dandier.”

In Brussels you met Matthias Geerts, fashion influencer, entrepreneur and design enthusiast. Was there something in his style that you particularly appreciated?

“We broke the ice by talking about the bad weather in Brussels in that period. As Matthias loves design, he took me to see the Art & Design Atomium Museum. One amusing thing about my visit was that I generally dress sharper than him, but on this occasion, I wore a more casual style. It was as if we had exchanged our styles for just one day.”

In Germany you met André Hamann, model, fashion influencer, and actor. What differences did you notice between his style approach and your own?

“Amongst these three influencers, Andrè is without doubt the jauntiest. We had great fun, we were very similar in our approach, and in the way that we worked and joked together. I already knew him through the social networks, I am one of his followers and I appreciate his style and lifestyle advice. I was also particularly impressed by his fashion instinct.”

To conclude, would you like to tell us about your overall impressions from this experience?

“Certain things you don’t see on the video, for example the many early-morning starts! We worked on the looks a great deal, paying a lot of attention to detail, and this was a very interesting process. One of the things that I liked was meeting people during the course of our European trip. On the various stops that we made, they asked us for selfies and photos. It was very rewarding to be able to present Italian style in different European countries, and I felt a true ambassador for Boggi Milano. It was gratifying and a fantastic experience.”

Andrea, our time is up, thank you very much!

“Thank you, and I look forward to the next opportunity!”