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Alfa Romeo Tonale, the SUV that the market was waiting for

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo continues to choose names from the Italian Alps for its SUVs. After the Stelvio, it is the turn of the Tonale, which for the moment is just a concept car. It will probably reach the market by 2020, and it will take its place in the compact SUV segment, currently the liveliest on the market. This means that it is less than 4.5 metres in length, and has a price tag around €30,000, with variations depending on the engine. It is not yet clear which sort power plant will be selected for the Tonale. There are two options, the Jeep Compass’ front-wheel or four-wheel drive and transversal engine, or the more “prestigious” solution with the Stelvio’s longitudinal engine with rear-wheel or four-wheel drive. Considering factors related to cost and industrial synergies, the former solution seems far more likely. Apart from this, the Tonale will be the first Alfa Romeo to have a plug-in hybrid version.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Tonale – a fusion between tradition and innovation

The Tonale’s design looks to the future: the Alfa Romeo style is reinterpreted in a combination between its heritage and the introduction of new features. Its lines comprise motifs that have become part of the brand’s history, such as the “phone dial” alloy wheels: 21-inch wheels that recall an old-style telephone, a feature that first appeared in the 1960s with the legendary 33 Stradale. The sides of the car have elegant, sculptural volumes that make reference to disparate models such as the Duetto and the Disco Volante Spider, while the Tonale’s “GT profile” is a reinterpretation of the taut lines of the GT Junior. Right at the front, there is the unmistakable three-lobed badge, while the grille is the Alfa Romeo shield-shape, comprising a central feature in the overall design.

Alfa Romeo Tonale
Sports-inspired interiors

The Tonale’s interiors are inspired by Alfa Romeo’s sports history, with the brand’s preference for forms designed with the driver in mind, without forgetting passenger comfort. There is a marked contrast between materials, with the cool solidity of aluminium set against the softness and warmth of leather and Alcantara. One of the fundamental Alfa Romeo features can be found on the transmission tunnel, the DNA drive mode selector. A 12.3” digital screen and the main 10.25” touchscreen provide infotainment functions without distracting the driver’s attention, by means of a multi-tasking interface that ensures that everything is readily accessible.

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