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Collio Bianco white wine

Collio Bianco white wine

Collio Bianco is a white wine with a lot of tradition behind it. It can be considered as an ambassador for a part of Italy with long vine-growing traditions. Collio is a small area in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, close to the border with Slovenia, and it has a unique microclimate. In fact the hills hosting the vineyards is protected from the cold north winds by the Giulian Alps, and it benefits from the warm sea breeze arriving from the Adriatic Sea. The result is a typically Mediterranean climate, perfect for the maturation of grapes with a rich, intense aromatic profile.

Distinctive terroir

However the real treasure of the Collio district is its soil, derived from what were geologically ancient seabeds. This terrain is known as Flysch, or “ponca” in the local dialect, sediments of Eocinic limestone and sandstone, rich in minerals, that give the wines an elegant, refined character along with a distinctive sapidity.

Blend of grape varieties

The grape varieties used for Collio Bianco reflect the history of the area. Before the development of modern viticulture based on single-variety planting, vineyards were planted with several varieties which were harvested and pressed together. Today, grape varieties are grown separately, but winemakers still tend to create a wine by blending the must from several varieties. Along with local grapes Friuliano, Ribolla gialla and Malvasia istriana, there are some international grape varieties that have been grown in the Friuli region for centuries, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot gris and Pinot blanc, with the objective of creating a well-balanced, harmonious blend.

Intense tasting experience

Collio wines are intense, with a lot of complex aromatic nuances, a mature, expressive bouquet that is already pleasant when the wine is young, and with a remarkable potential for development and ageing. The fragrance has floral, citrus and fruity notes, along tropical fruit and hints of iodine. On the palate it is rich and broad, with intense, complex flavours underscored by a sapid mineral structure, developing to end with a pleasant note of freshness. Collio is a well-structured wine, which can be paired with flavoursome fish recipes or white meats. We recommend storing a few bottles, because Collio Bianco reaches full expression only after two or three years of ageing. But it has the potential for further development, and so you don’t have to worry if you forget about the bottles for a decade or even longer.

Label suggestions

You’lll enjoy getting to know Collio better with a few bottles by different winemakers. Here are some suggestions:

Collio Bianco DOC – Colle Duga
Collio Bianco DOC – Edi Keber
Collio Bianco DOC Bratinis – Gradis’ ciutta
Collo Bianco Broy – Collavini
Collio Bianco Col Disore – Russiz Superiore
Collio Bianco Vecchie Vigne – Roncus
Collio Bianco DOC – Venica & Venica
Collio Bianco DOC Klim – Primosic
Collio Bianco DOC Planta – Tercic
Collio Bianco DOC – Terre del Faet
Collio Bianco DOC Agnul – Pascolo

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