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Quadro e-Qooder, a 4-wheeled electric vehicle that banks like a motorbike

e-Qooder 4-wheel maxi-scooter

There were many new four-wheeled vehicles at the Geneva Auto Show, but only one of them is able to bank like a motorbike. The e-Qooder is a 100%-electric version of the four-wheeled maxi-scooter already manufactured by Swiss company Quadro Vehicles. This is an unusual vehicle that combines the agility and fun of two-wheeled bikes with the extra stability and safety provided by four wheels. These characteristics make it perfect for commuting. “The e-Qooder is an advanced mobility solution,” said the company’s CEO, Paolo Gagliardo, “we consider mobility as synonymous with freedom. We want to provide state-of-the-art technology and products that can reduce the problems and worries of everyday life.” It is ideal for travelling in congested cities, locations that are becoming increasingly restrictive for transport systems based on fossil fuels.

Quadro Vehicles 2019 International Geneva Motor Show e-Qooder CEO presentation

A maxi-scooter with reverse gear

The electric powertrain has some distinctive characteristics. In fact, the e-Qooder utilizes the technology developed by Californian company Zero Motorcycles, which has been operating in the two-wheeled scooter sector for over 12 years. The brushless motor has a peak power of 45 kW and 110 Nm, plenty enough to propel the e-Qooder, which weighs almost 300 kg, with satisfactory speed and acceleration. The bike has a reverse gear, and two riding modes, Eco and Sport. The electrical components – the motor and the 13.8 kWh battery – take up the same amount of space as in the Qooder with internal combustion engine. In addition, the e-Qooder has a new rear differential, which has to handle a higher torque with respect to the four-stroke single-cylinder version. The maximum range is 150 km, and a complete recharge takes just a few dozen minutes with a fast-charge column, and at most six hours from conventional domestic mains outlets.

e-Qooder 4-wheel maxi-scooter

e-Qooder available from the end of 2019

The e-Qooder will be manufactured in Asia and, for the first time for Quadro Vehicles, also in Europe. It can be driven with the standard driving licence (licence B in Italy). It will reach the market towards the end of 2019, at a price of about 15,000 euro. It can already be booked with a down payment of 5,000 euro. There is also a long-term rental formula costing 250 euro per month. The e-Qooder represents the Swiss company’s latest development: in 2018 Quadro Vehicles sold about 5,000 vehicles, including 3,000 Qooders. These positive results demonstrate the success of its business approach, which began under its current management in 2017. It also aims at creating a new sales network, the Quadro Vehicles Stores. Two were opened in Paris in September 2018, and the stores planned for the near future include Rome, Barcelona and Madrid. Read more at the Quadro Vehicles website.

Alessandro Vai