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Range Rover Evoque, the queen of compact SUVs

2019 new Range Rover Evoque

If a car is so good that it determines the success of a brand, increasing sales by 50% across the entire range, updating and changing it is always a delicate operation. Usually in such cases, it is best to reduce changes to the minimum, ensuring that none of the fundamental characteristics are lost – features that have produced sales of about 800,000 vehicles in the space of eight years. The car in question is the Range Rover Evoque, which has been an unprecedented best-seller for the British brand. And so the second generation is a development of the previous family, with even more sharply-chiselled minimalist design, and above all, lots of extra technology. Something that has been left behind is the choice between different styles of bodywork, even though the three-door and Convertible Evoques have always been niche products. But when the numbers are too low, revenue is too small and so such models are sacrificed on the altar of costs, in part because in the current day and age it is best to highlight other characteristics, such as the reduced CO2 emissions to meet the strict new European regulations.

Cameras between the front wheels

The new Range Rover Evoque includes a new 48-volt mild-hybrid system, present in all the engine options except for the smallest diesel, the 150 bhp version with two-wheel drive. The other engines are all two-litre, four-wheel drive, with automatic gearbox, 200, 250 or 300 bhp in the case of petrol engines, and 150, 180 or 240 bhp if you prefer diesel. The performance of the Evoque changes considerably across the different engine options, because it is a fairly heavy vehicle, 1,800-1,900 kg according to the version. The weight factor is particularly noticeable at higher speeds, but it has no effect on other situations, above all in off-road driving, in which the car reveals all its robust power. Even without limited-slip or locked differentials, the Evoque performs very well in many situations, most of which will probably never be met by its owners. Drivers who like extreme situations will enjoy the view provided by the cameras that display what is going on between the front wheels. The cameras relay images to a screen giving the impression that you are looking forward and down, straight through the engine. Others will simply like the Evoque’s dramatic appearance, above all when it is equipped with the gigantic 21-inch wheels.

High-level comfort

At the wheel, comfort is guaranteed. Potholes and bumps are virtually imperceptible, and so the quality of life on board is guaranteed. The materials used are beautifully calibrated, and the overall minimalism is attenuated by the prestige cladding. The new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system is another highlight. The two 10-inch displays interact, in addition to the 12.3-inch screen for the instrumentation, and the head-up display, a very attractive arrangement. The car is also fitted with state-of-the-art connectivity options. The passenger compartment is very comfortable, even though its size has remained virtually identical. The Evoque is 4.37 metres long, and the extra 2 cm in wheelbase length gives a bit more space for back-seat passengers. The boot capacity puts it at the top of its class, at 591 litres. The price of the car varies from 39,250 to 72,250 euro.

Alessandro Vai

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