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Spirit of Nerina and the Melges 20 championship

Spirit of Nerina Melges 20

Boggi Milano is technical sponsor of Spirit of Nerina, a team that is taking part in the Melges World League European Division whose regattas are all held in Italy this season. Upcoming appointments include the beautiful location Lerici, near Genoa, from 22 to 24 June; the dramatic lakeside setting of Riva del Garda, at the northern extremity of Lake Garda, not far from Verona, from 20 to 22 July, and the lovely Sardinian port of Cagliari from 14 to 16 September.

The Melges 20 is a strict one-design class, in which the boats are all identical so that the results depend on the crews and not on the hulls and equipment. Boats and accessories can be made only by constructors authorized by Danish boatbuilders X-Yachts Melges Performance Boats, and sails have to be certified by official measurers.

Spirit of Nerina is a team from the region of Piedmont. It has been racing for many years, and it has already attained some excellent results, such as first place in the H22 one-design class in 2009. The Spirit of Nerina Melges 20 team comprises about 15 sailors, with a crew of four: helm Andrea Ferrari; tactician Michele Paoletti, one of Italy’s finest yachtsmen, winner of the Melges 32 European Championship in 2013; Carlo Fracassoli, tailer; and Anne Soizic Bertin, winner of several Italian national titles, in the bows. The crew is new this season and it is still consolidating its talent. “We are already competitive enough to position in the first ten, in the first five with a bit of luck,” said Andrea Ferrari, “there is a lot of competition, because standards are high.” Other crews include American, Russian and Scandinavian teams, in addition to other Italian boats.

The regattas take place near the coast, to improve visibility for spectators ashore. For each event, a village and bar are built, and so the general public can come into contact with the teams and watch the training sessions that take place on the first day, and the numerous races that take place over the course of the next two days. Each regatta lasts for 30-40 minutes, with a course that depends on conditions. It can be viewed by means of live-tracking using an app specially developed by Melges.

Here are the results of the events that have already taken place, and the upcoming regattas for Spirit of Nerina:

20-22 April 2018, Foro d’Ischia (17th)
25-27 May 2018, Scarlino, Italy (14th)
22-24 June, Lerici, Italy
20-22 July, Riva del Garda, Italy
14-16 September, Cagliari, Italy
6-7 October, Cagliari, Italy, Pre-Worlds/Russian Open
10-13 October, Cagliari, Italy, World Championship