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Trento DOC

Fototeca Trentino S.p.A.
Photo courtesy of Daniele Lira

Amongst Italy’s champenois sparkling wines, Trento DOC deserves special mention. This area is gaining increasing international recognition, with a reputation for wines with a distinctive style. Trento DOC sparkling wines are made from grapes grown in the mountains, and they are a perfect expression of the terroir, with a vibrant freshness reinforced by complexity and mineral notes. Even after a long period of ageing on the lees, Trento DOC retains a lively profile, with energetic flavours and very good acidity, making it very pleasant on the palate.

The Trentino region provides excellent conditions for the production of sparkling wines. The Alps provide protection from the cold north winds, and the vineyards are caressed by breezes arriving from Lake Garda and the river Adige valley, ensuring a climate that is sunny, mild and crisp. The notable temperature excursions between day and night promote the grapes’ slow maturation, creating intense aromatic characteristics and a high acidity. In these areas, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay have been grown since the 19th century, and the latter grape has proven to be particularly successful for Metodo Classico sparkling wines.

The vineyards are often grown at significant altitudes, and so even in warm summers, the grapes have a perfect organic structure.
It was Giulio Ferrari who first realized that the Trentino region had characteristics comparable to the Champagne district, so that it could potentially become an area suitable for the production of fine sparkling wines. Experimentation with Metodo Classico techniqes began in the early 20th century, with the Ferrari brand playing a pioneering role. Today, Ferrari is still the most important winery in the region, but today there are 52 wine-making companies that are members of Istituto Trento DOC, which obtained legal Denominazione d’Origine Controllata status in 1993. Overall, levels of quality are very high, and there are many labels of absolute excellence, often winning prizes and recognition from the most important Guides for the sector. For readers who would like to sample the finest expressions of Trento DOC sparkling wines, we have selected some excellent labels. Perfect all year round but particularly in the festive season!

Domini Trento Doc, Abate Nero
Riserva Cuvée dell’Abate Trento Doc, Abate Nero
Riserva Graal Trento Doc, Altemasi
Perlé Nero Riserva Trento Doc, Ferrari
Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore Trento Doc, Ferrari
Masetto Privé Trento Doc, Endrizzi
Mach Riserva del Fondatore Trento Doc, Fondazione Edmund Mach
Dosaggio Zero Riserva Trento Doc, Letrari
Riserva del Fondatore 976 Trento Doc, Letrari
Madame Martis Trento Doc, Maso Martis
Extra Brut Rosé Trento Doc, Maso Martis
Methius Riserva Trento Doc, Dorigati
Pas Dosé Riserva 111 Trento Doc, Pedrotti

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