Menswear Academy

A new identity for sneakers

Seasons come and go, fashion styles change, and likewise the way in which garments can be worn. A good example is provided by sneakers, which were once exclusively a young and sporty type of footwear, not suitable for the office or smart evenings. That’s all changed. Sneakers no longer accompany just a stroll at the weekend with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but they can also be used on many other occasions, providing an eye-catching accent when worn with a suit or a dinner jacket. After all, there are no strict rules that say that the suit has to be accompanied exclusively by smooth leather Derby shoes. Sometimes it’s fun to push classical conventions to one side and give space to our desire to feel free and unhindered in our movements. This is not a style error: on the contrary, it demonstrates a genuine feel for style and enables everyone to personalise their outfit.
When it comes to the type of sneakers, there is a huge choice available. Do you prefer something uncomplicated? We at Boggi Milano make them in calfskin, in white or black versions. If you prefer something bolder, you could try our camouflage sneakers. If these are too eye-catching for your taste, you could go midway and choose the sneakers in denim suede. There are many other versions available from Boggi Milano, in a wide range of colours. They all have one thing in common: absolute comfort.
So the status of sneakers has now changed radically. They are the hallmark of a new generation of Gentlemen who are capable of giving male elegance a fresh and sporty look.