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A smart suit concept

Boggi Milano abito composé

This new outfit by Boggi Milano, a 3-piece suit for formal events, is the result of an innovative design concept. Usually, suits for special events have matching jacket and trousers with a coordinated waistcoat, and they can generally be worn exclusively together, uniquely for those occasions that call for formal wear. As a result, the suit spends most of its time in the wardrobe. In the new interpretation by Boggi Milano, the jacket and trousers are made from the same type of fabric, but with different finish, patterned for the jacket, and plain for the trousers. They are accompanied by a cream-coloured 5-button waistcoat. Their design and colour make them suitable for wearing separately, so – by way of example – the jacket can be used as a blazer over chinos, and the trousers can be paired with a knitwear top. So they can be used far more frequently than a conventional formal outfit.

Boggi Milano abito composé

The importance of details

When worn together for an important occasion, the overall look is characterized by the details, primarily the waistcoat, but also the choice of shirt, tie and silk pocket square. The jacket, trousers and waistcoat can be purchased separately, solving the problems that often ensue for individuals whose physique calls for different jacket and trouser sizes, and likewise the accessories that can be chosen according to individual taste to personalize the outfit. For example, a shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks, and smooth black leather Oxfords, provide additional touches of sophisticated style.

Boggi Milano abito composé

Black tie separates

For black tie events, the 3-piece separates concept is also available in black. Just as for the grey outfit, the textiles used for jacket and trousers coordinate to perfection – a subtle houndstooth pattern on the blazer, and plain black fabric for the trousers – and are also ideal for wearing in other garment combinations. In this case, the after-six outfit can be completed by patent leather shoes, a tuxedo shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks, and a black silk bow tie.

Boggi Milano abito composé black