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A Touch of Red – live in colour

bouclé pinstripe suit

The pinstripe suit was once an outfit used for the most formal occasions. An absolute classic, over the years it has had different shades of meaning attuned with the concepts of power and authority, and it has been a favourite with Hollywood stars, gangsters, and more recently, with businessmen. Today it has returned in a new guise, transforming the world of menswear style.

With the arrival of the warmer season, this new pinstripe suit marks the transition from its role as a traditional garment to a modern and innovative item. There are many versions in Boggi Milano’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and in this article we feature one in particular, unmistakable for the red accents of the pinstripes.

Bouclé pinstripe suit

The navy bouclé pinstripe suit is made using a fabric woven exclusively for us by Tallia di Delfino, with a fineness rating of S’130. The bouclé used for the pinstripes is rendered even brighter by the inclusion of white yarn as well as red, and it is microscopically structured, with a series of tiny interwoven rings. The fabric has a soft, rich and spongy texture as a result of the weaving process used in its production.

Red lining

The jacket has a red lining, providing an additional element of surprise and giving the garment a daring and distinctive look. In the photographs, the outfit is completed by an 8.5 cm regimental tie, also in blue and red, and leather moccasins with rubber soles. Another important feature of Boggi Milano’s contemporary style approach is wearing a casual shirt under the suit, in this case an Oxford denim shirt. This reflects our brand’s commitment to forging new menswear styles, with a fresh and innovative appearance generated by the crossover of classical and sportswear elements.

Boggi bouclé pinstripe suit