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Bermuda shorts, style and story

Bermuda shorts Boggi Milano

Nothing expresses the arrival of summer than Bermuda shorts, great for casual weekends on the coast, at poolside events or out in the countryside. Perfect with a cool linen or cotton shirt, they can be up-dressed by pairing them with a jacket in relaxed style, and sporty footwear.

The origins of Bermuda shorts

Like many menswear garments, Bermuda shorts had origins connected to military wear, and they were used by the British Army in tropical climates from the early 1900s on. They were typically in khaki colour, worn with khaki knee-length socks, and brown shoes or suede ankle boots. The Royal Navy also used shorts, white with long white socks, and by the 1920s, tailors on the British overseas territory Bermuda began copying the style from the naval personnel stationed on the island. It became a popular civilian style in the capital Hamilton, not just as casual wear, but also as semi-formal business attire, in which the Bermuda shorts were worn with long socks, a short-sleeved shirt, a regimental tie, and a blazer or jacket in a contrasting colour. British and American tourists arriving in Bermuda saw the style and helped spread the fashion – and the name Bermuda shorts – world-wide. Today, Bermuda’s national dress for men still includes the famous shorts, and the Bermuda delegation at the Olympics traditionally wears red Bermuda shorts during the opening ceremony.

Bermuda shorts by Boggi Milano

Bermuda shorts play an important role in Boggi Milano’s summer looks. They are available in cotton, cotton-linen blend, pure linen, seersucker, and stretch cotton, plain or with printed patterns. As regards cut, we have some flat-front versions perfect for men looking for the slimmest and most tailored looks; alternatively, single-pleat shorts provide a slightly more classical feel. We also offer cotton gabardine Bermuda shorts whose detailing includes linings personalized with the Boggi Milano logo, perfect for pairing with a linen casual shirt, or a cotton knitwear polo, and a pair of navy suede slip-ons.