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Boggi Milano and its new retail interior design concept

Venice store

The challenge represented by the design of Boggi Milano’s stores lies in the intellectually-stimulating problem of reconciling the brand’s commitment to powerful innovation with the importance of its retail traditions running back at least two decades. The stores’ interiors have to create a frame that enhances the quality of the products, while also evoking the brand’s fundamental principles, elegance, Italian inspiration and tradition. In addition, each store should present enjoyable spaces that can be perceived by customers as a true “home away from home.” Boggi Milano is currently renewing its stores with a global design project that presents some important differences with respect to its previous interior design schemes. We discussed the new concept with Eliana Citterio, the architect who for many years has been involved with the design of our stores.

“The elements of innovation are primarily the lightness of the furnishings, creating a contrast with the warm, welcoming colours and the sophisticated finish that express a masculine feel,” says Eliana Citterio. “We dedicate a lot of attention to materials, such as the Calacatta Black marble flooring with its white veining on grey background, and the wall-coverings made using plant fibres in various colours and patterns, starting from the Havana-yellow wall-coverings right through to the 1960s geometrical patterns that can be found in certain specific areas of the store. The furnishings are hallmarked by the patinated effect of the bronzed metal and the rich texture of the rosewood. The different styles of wall-covering become visual motifs that help subdivide the store into four areas: Easy Formal, Formal, shirts & knitwear, accessories.”

Throughout the store, visitors can perceive the effect of refinement generated by valuable materials, and by elements such as seating units, carpets and designer lamps. The store becomes a pleasurable location in which customers feel perfectly at home, with attractively mellow lighting and many points of visual interest. The pictures chosen for decorating the interiors reinforce the link to Milan, the brand’s city of origin.

All considered, the Boggi Milano store is a welcoming, distinctive space, a colourful venue that expresses the brand’s powerful identity, a setting in which every perspective evokes a positive emotive response. The new design project was launched at the Venice Merceria del Capitello store – the first shop in Italy to present the new concept – and it will be followed by the flagship store in Piazza San Babila, Milan, which will be refurbished during August 2019.

While every Boggi Milano store possesses its own unique characteristics, the interior design project will be applied to all the shops in order to give global expression to the brand’s identity.