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How to enhance a suit: the tie

Boggi Milano tie

The suit is the most valuable item in the Gentleman’s wardrobe, the garment for which there is no room for error and that has to be simply perfect. A good understanding of the details and secrets of a suit helps a Gentleman make it a masterpiece of elegance. At Boggi Milano we consider details as playing a very important role and so the tie is a fundamental part of your look, capable of expressing your personality in addition to embellishing your suit. There is a huge variety available, plain or patterned, in many different types of fabric. The important thing is that it should create a harmonious and balanced effect with suit and shirt.

As for any other garment, the choice of tie will depend on the occasion. If you are looking for something to be worn in business circles, we recommend choosing colours such as blue or anthracite grey, avoiding excessively bold patterns. If it is for a special occasion, you can choose from cream, white, blue, silver and anthracite grey. For more casual occasions, you can be more daring, with bolder patterns. Boggi Milano offers a whole range of different models that suit the various occasions on which they will be used. They are all made in Italy by the finest specialist artisanal companies. Silk is smart and classical; cotton creates a more casual look; linen is cool and light; wool is heavier and more compact; cashmere is soft and valuable. The tie that you put on in the morning depends on the occasion, and the first thing to consider is the material. The most important rule is to identify the right degree of harmony between different types of textile finish. One useful consideration can be to choose a tie whose weave recalls that of the shirt or the jacket.

Boggi Milano’s most prestigious tie is the five-fold version, a modern take on the classic seven-fold. Its name reflects its method of construction. It doesn’t have an interlining: its edges are folded five times before being sewn into place, so that a single piece of fabric forms both the exterior and the interior lining by means of a series of perfectly symmetrical folds. There is a huge range of patterns and motifs available, which may be printed or woven, jacquard, or in the three-dimensional textures created by knitwear.
Another fundamental consideration is the knot, which should not be too loose. There are many ways of tying a tie, but at Boggi Milano we recommend the most versatile versions, the simple knot, or the double knot which can be useful if you need to shorten the tie. The length of the blade is important: when you are standing in your normal posture, the tip of tie should correspond to the centre of your belt buckle. If the tie is a flat-end knitwear version, the end of the tie should reach the top of your belt.

Details make the difference, and a tie is the classic example. Together with the pocket square, it enables you to personalise your look. Familiarity with the details will help you make the right choice.