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Espadrilles 2019 by Boggi Milano

Boggi Milano espadrilles 2019

Boggi Milano has launched two variants of its new espadrilles, an innovation for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. We have made them with our own distinctive characteristics, privileging quality of materials to guarantee a positive user experience. They are made in suede, and so they are more elegant with respect to the usual canvas versions. Versions in navy or beige are available. In both, rubber soles ensure practicality and durability, the classic espadrille look is provided by beige cordura trim and matching stitching, and there is a loop at the heel to make them easier to put on. The leather insoles are attractively coloured in contrasting orange, and are branded Boggi Milano.

Boggi Milano espadrilles 2019 BO19P079501 pair

Espadrilles – shoes for summer

Comfortable and light, the new Boggi Milano espadrilles are an accessory that can be used on many different occasions. They are summer footwear classics, and they fit an important niche in summer wear, cooler than sneakers, and far more attractive than sandals. They are perfect for pairing with sporty looks, with Bermuda shorts or denims. They can also be worn with smarter looks, such as a linen suit.

Boggi Milano espadrilles 2019

Espadrilles history

Espadrilles are a traditional form of footwear, with a history documented at least as far as 1322 but running back into the distant past. At the Archaeological Museum of Granada, there is a pair of espadrilles found inside the cave “Cueva de los Murciélagos” near Zuheros in Andalusia, and they have been dated as being 4,000 years old. In modern times, espadrilles are typical of the regions of Occitania and Catalonia. The name is French, and it is derived from the Catalan term espardenya, describing shoes made from esparto, a Mediterranean grass used to make rope. More recently this material has been replaced by coiled jute rope, giving espadrilles their distinctive light-beige-colour soles. The uppers are usually in canvas.

From tradition to fashion

Espadrilles became famous beyond their Occitanian homelands once they began appearing in films. Rita Hayworth wore them in the 1947 film The Lady from Shanghai, and Lauren Bacall wore them in Key Largo, 1948. In the 1930s, Salvatore Ferragamo borrowed the shape of espadrilles and created the first platform shoes in cork. Yves Saint Laurent introduced wedge espadrilles with satin uppers in 1970, and this format has remained a popular part of women’s fashion ever since. Their status as a men’s fashion accessory was assisted by actors Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, who wore them in the 1980s TV series Miami Vice. More information on espadrilles is available at a museum in Osses, 43 km south-east of Biarritz in France, open from 15 March to 15 October. (Don Quichosse, Zone Artisanale Ordokia, 64780 Osses).

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