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Trolley bag by Boggi Milano

Trolley bag by Boggi Milano with the possibility of personalization

Boggi Milano has rethought luggage for modern travel, introducing this 4-wheel trolley bag in black caviar-print leather with hardware in electroplated metal. Its rectangular format and its size meets international airline carry-on standards and provides space and protection – with its rigid shell – for all your goods during your travels.

A trolley bag is practical at the airport

Walking with a 4-wheel trolley bag is easier than pulling the usual 2-wheel case, and you can walk with it alongside, reducing arm strain. The wheels of this trolley bag are robust and well-engineered, facilitating transport on all sorts of surfaces by reducing friction. The telescopic handle can be adjusted to three lengths, and there are another two pull-out leather handles on the top and on one side. An external pocket with zipper is ideal for travel documents. The main two-way zip runs around all four sides to facilitate opening.

Il Trolley quattro ruote Boggi Milano

Structured interiors

Inside, the case is comprehensively equipped to hold everything that you need during your journey. On one side, contents are held secure by two elastic straps trimmed in caviar-print leather, with a metal clip. A mesh pocket holds smaller items. The other half of the case interior is topped by a central divisor in Boggi Milano-branded nylon textile, retained by a nylon zip. One on side the divisor has a pocket with a metal zip, and on the other side there is a mesh pocket. Under the divisor there is ample room for garments and travel necessities. The lining is fastened not using adhesive, but rather by means of nylon zips.

Il Trolley quattro ruote Boggi Milano

Sophisticated finish

This roller case is a smart piece of luggage, distinctive for its perfect finish and its functional accessories, that include a small padlock that can be used to lock the pull tabs of the main zip, and a luggage tab with a leather strap.

Prestigious materials

The leather used for the Boggi Milano trolley bag has a texture that we have named ‘caviar,’ which refers to its characteristic colour. At first sight it looks simply black, but on closer observation, you notice the fascinating colours recalling the glints of caviar, created by the contrast between the satin base colour and the higher gloss hue of the relief pattern. Minimalist design in which generous areas of dark leather contrast with the silvery glitter of the hardware give the product a lot of personality. The metal components are made using a robust brass alloy that is electroplated to create a bright silver finish named Palladio.

To ensure the highest standards of quality, the Boggi Milano trolley bag is made in Italy with impeccable attention to detail.

Il Trolley quattro ruote Boggi Milano

Technical details

The dimensions of the Boggi Milano Four-wheel roller case are: base 37 cm, height 53 cm (inclusive of rollers), depth 22 cm. Its reference number is BO17C008301. You can purchase it online at the Boggi Milano website: four-wheel trolley bag.

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