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SanBabila sunglasses by Boggi Milano

SanBabila sunglasses by Boggi Milano - blue

Piazza San Babila is one of the cool locations of Milan, at the gates of the famous High Fashion District. It is also the location of the Boggi Milano flagship store. So it is no coincidence that we at Boggi Milano have chosen this name for our new sunglasses. They are more than just iconic eyewear: SanBabila sunglasses are collectors’ items, a 999-piece limited edition, available in selected Boggi Milano stores. You can also purchase them online here.

Entirely hand-made

The new sunglasses were designed by Marco Melis exclusively for Boggi Milano. They bear a resemblance to classic aviator sunglasses, but they have a unique appearance created by the lens shape and the curving top bar that produces an almost architectural motif in combination with the straight bridge below. If you like sunglasses, we recommend a visit to your nearest Boggi Milano store as soon as you can: 999 pieces for the world are really very few. They are exclusively handmade in the Cadore region of Italy. Frames are in stainless steel, and hardware is highest quality Italian production. Bridges are in Monel, a special alloy that makes them light and very comfortable to wear.

SanBabila sunglasses by Boggi Milano - blue - frontal

Optimum UV protection

The fundamental parts of any pair of sunglasses are the lenses. For the SanBabila sunglasses, Marco Melis has chosen UV400 lenses, which means maximum protection with respect to harmful ultra-violet light. In addition, they are Base 2 lenses, which means that the curvature of the lens is minimal. This gives the sunglasses the impression of being larger than they actually are, and it creates unusual reflections, very different to the Base 4 or 6 lenses that are used in most sunglasses. An additional factor contributing to lens quality is the double anti-reflective coating that can be noticed when you look at the lenses from an angle, with a characteristic light blue gleam. It consists of a metal oxide layer on both surfaces, with a thickness calculated to optimally block light reflection, reducing glare and dazzle. An anti-reflective coating is particularly useful in seaside locations, on the snow, and in interiors with artificial lighting, such as offices.

SanBabila sunglasses by Boggi Milano - green - side view

Nylon lenses

Most UV400 lenses are in CR-39 plastic polymer. The Boggi Milano San Babila sunglasses on the other hand have lenses in nylon, even better than CR-39. The nylon used is a new, high performance material that combines the benefits offered by polycarbonate with the performance of CR-39. Nylon lenses have a high impact resistance, they are very light, and fracture-resistant. For these reasons, nylon is becoming progressively more popular both in sports eyewear and everyday sunglasses.

SanBabila sunglasses by Boggi Milano - brown - rear view

Collectors’ items

For all these reasons, the SanBabila sunglasses by Boggi Milano represent an opportunity to enhance your look with a prestige product. Don’t miss the chance to purchase the very first chapter in what will be an exciting story: Boggi Milano sunglasses.

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