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Shoes to wear with suits – learn how to choose them

Boggi Milano grey suit brown shoes

Blue suit brown shoes, blue suit black shoes, grey suit brown shoes… there are many combinations possible between a suit and footwear. Some work well, and some should be avoided at all costs. Here is an overview of the men’s shoes to wear with suits.

scarpe da abbinare a vestito blu scuro uomo

Blue suit, brown shoes: the “do’s” and “don’ts” of menswear

Let’s start with the simplest options, suits in a single colour, blue, light grey, dark grey, black. A blue suit gives you a variety of options. Black shoes work very well with a blue suit for a business-like office look. Blue suit, brown shoes: this combination is less formal than blue suit, black shoes.

Brown shoes are also a great option with a blue suit, particularly in their lighter shades, because these colours are close to orange, blue’s complementary colour.

Likewise, a pair of bordeaux or burgundy shoes creates a pleasant note of contrast with a blue suit, and you can pick up this contrast with a bordeaux tie or pocket square.

shoes to wear with suits, light grey suit, brown shoes
And what about blue suit, matching shoes? This also works well, as long as the blue of the shoes is darker than the blue of the suit. Shoes to match grey suits: in this case, the choice of shoes depends on the shade of grey, because of the need to create a degree of contrast.

So, for dark grey suits, the only options are black or bordeaux shoes. With a light grey suit, you can wear black, brown, tan or bordeaux shoes. The simplest situation is the black suit – in this case, black shoes are the only option. Cream or beige suits are relaxed and summery, and they are ideally accompanied by light brown shoes, perhaps opting for informal styles such as suede loafers.

Suit matching: shoes for every colour and occasion

A suit is one of the most formal menswear outfits, but in actual fact, its formality depends more on the accessories than the suit itself.

Consider a navy suit: a matching vest, a tie and black derbys increase its formalwear vocation, while a casual shirt and loafers with suit make it more relaxed.

Abito Blu Napoli Boggi Milano con scarpe nere
So, when you are planning your outfit, it’s a good idea to start by choosing the shoes according to the occasion and how your day is structured. For example, if you have some important meetings in the office, with the prospect of after-hours aperitifs, a pair of immaculately-polished tan oxfords look impeccable with a navy suit, dress shirt, pocket square and a regimental tie. Just take off the tie, open the shirt a couple of buttons and put away the pocket square, and you’re good for the evening out.

abito grigio con scarpe marroni

Suit with sneakers: for when it’s OK to dress down at work

A suit with sneakers is a great combination, an eloquent expression of the contemporary taste for fusion, athleisure looks. Sneakers and slip-ons add a note of contrast to a formal suit + dress shirt + tie outfit, and they reinforce the casual-formal combination of a T-shirt under a suit jacket. Just two recommendations: the sneakers should be like new, and the simpler their colour scheme, the better.

scarpe sportive sotto vestito elegante uomo

Boggi dress shoes

For the most formal occasions, you need a pair of dress shoes, whether derbys, oxfords, or – the smartest option – patent leather derbys, which are the recommended footwear for a tuxedo. All these elegant and classic men shoes are included in the Boggi Milano range. In terms of colour, the suggestions in the first paragraph hold good. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with black or navy suit, and black dress shoes.