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Bomber jacket, tough and stylish

High density fabric bomber

The bomber jacket is a very versatile garment, and over the decades it has developed a powerful personality. Today it is an irreplaceable element in modern menswear.

The origins of the bomber jacket

Like many other types of garment, the bomber jacket has military origins. It was developed during the First World War to provide protection for pilots. At that time, nearly all warplane cockpits were open to the air, which at altitude is bitterly cold. The jacket was traditionally in leather with a fur lining, a high fur collar, and fur trim at the hem and cuffs. It later acquired a zip front and wind-proof flaps under the zip, and in this format it was used by pilots in the Royal Air Force and the U.S. Air Force as part of their military equipment. But it was parachute pioneer Leslie Irvin who made the classic bomber jacket in its current form, in shearling with dark brown finish. In the 1950s, the shearling collar was often replaced by a knitwear collar because the original version made fastening the parachute harness more difficult.

In the 1970s and ‘80s, the bomber jacket was adopted by mainstream fashion, in part for its indisputable comfort and versatility, and in part due to its appearance in films such as Indiana Jones, Top Gun and American History X. It became part of civilian life, and it was made in new forms and using new materials such as nylon. But its original features have remained unchanged, such as its short, high-waistline shape, the zip front, and functional pockets.

Classic model, state-of-the-art performance

For the 2019 Spring/Summer collection, Boggi Milano Boggi Milano presents the classic bomber jacket in three colours, navy, bordeaux and brown. It is perfect when paired with sporty and smart casual outfits, for example with a fullzip sweatshirt, a pair of stretch cotton chinos and sneakers. Our concept for the bomber jacket is a travel garment, with a compact, close-weave Japanese textile produced using a special technology that makes it a high-density fabric. As a result, it is water-repellent, breathable, crease-resistant, and provides protection against UV radiation. Its crease resistance is so good that it can be stuffed into a weekender bag, taken out and put on straight away, and it will still be in impeccable condition. The jacket has a front zip, a stand-up collar, and two zip-closed front pockets. It is practical, functional, and very stylish.


high density fabric bomber look