Menswear Academy

The Boggi Milano pocket square

The pocket square is one of the defining features of Boggi Milano’s Gentleman Style. It is an accessory that enables anyone to follow one of the Rules identified by Boggi Milano: a Gentleman gives a personal touch to every suit. It offers infinite options in terms of style, colour and pattern, giving the Gentleman freedom to choose according to his personal taste. It can be worn with a formal look, harmonizing with shirt and tie, but it works equally well with an easy formal or casual outfit.

There are several different ways of folding a pocket square, and ideally it should give the impression of having been casually placed in the breast pocket. The technique that you choose for folding your pocket square depends in part on the fabric. If it is in silk, we recommend the ‘Puff’ technique that creates a soft and almost random look. If it is in cotton or linen, you can choose between the classic Square format, creating a narrow strip emerging from the breast pocket, or the Triangle, or the Three Peaks option for a more formal look.

The fundamental quality of the pocket square is that it adds something to an outfit. So it should never be of the same fabric as the tie. A white pocket square coordinated with a white shirt is the most formal option. Otherwise you can have fun by choosing a colour that harmonises with your shirt, or your tie if you are wearing one. It reflects your character and your exuberance, even your mood. It is one of the least expensive accessories, but it has an extraordinary ability to enable you to stand out from the crowd. It’s worth having a small collection of pocket squares to facilitate your choice every morning.

The pocket square is the perfect example of how classical style can be rendered contemporary and individual.