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The office polo trend

office polo

Office wear used to be absolutely predictable: suit, white shirt and tie. Today there is more freedom, but it’s easier to make style mistakes. An outfit based on trainers, jeans and T-shirts is not going to get you far in your upwards journey through the office hierarchy.

Office polo: plain, dark or white

The office polo shirt trend is gaining ground even in more formal environments. This fundamentally casual garment cohabits perfectly with a pair of tailored trousers and a sporty blazer. There are just a few important things to remember about the office polo. Colour should be solid, and either dark, such as navy, or light, such as white. No pattern, no emblems or logos. Fabric should be classic cotton. The blazer that you wear over a polo should be fairly destructured, but well-tailored and slim-fit. The relaxed look thus created is accompanied to perfection by a pair of suede moccasins.

office polo

Long-sleeved polo shirts

The feature that the stylish man about town will miss with a polo shirt and blazer look is the touch of style added by shirt cuffs protruding from the blazer sleeves. Boggi Milano solves this problem with its long-sleeved polo shirts, which offer the benefits of absorbent, structured, crease-resistant fabric, in addition to the added style of the dress shirt typology. But in summer, nothing beats the polo’s coolness, and you can add your own personal touch with a pocket square and deciding how many of the polo’s buttons to do up. Add extra interest on one wrist with a watch and its leather or canvas strap, or metal bracelet.

office polo

Accessories that dress up a look

In offices where the corporate look is suit-and-tie, you can opt for a slightly more casual version by wearing a trim knitwear polo under a slim-fit navy suit. Complete the look with a pair of leather sneakers or suede moccasins, and a quality leather briefcase. And a classic watch.

Keep a blazer on hand for meetings

Even in the most casual office, where creative looks are tolerated or even encouraged, it’s always a good idea to have a blazer ready for when a meeting is called at the last minute. A navy or grey blazer will go with just about everything and dresses up a polo shirt, a tee-shirt, and jeans.

office polo