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The parka, a timeless garment

The parka by Boggi Milano


The parka expresses adventure, casual style and versatility. It has had a long history with many transformations, and today it is a much-loved piece of waterproof outerwear, designed to offer protection from cold and rain. It usually extends to just above the knees, and it has a hood which may be fur-trinmed.

The parka’s long history

The parka has origins in the Arctic Inuit population. In Russian the word parka refers to ‘animal hide’ and in fact the first parkas worn by the Inuit peoples were made from animal skins, fox, seal or polar bear, and they often wore more than one such garment in the constant quest to keep warm in the icy cold conditions of their habitat.

The parka became an iconic garment worldwide following its use in military circles, in the Second World War and the Korean War (1951-1953). During the latter conflict, olive drab parkas were amongst the garments issued to American soldiers.

The parka became part of the Mods’ outfits from the late 1950s, and many mods wore military-style parkas to keep their clothes clean when riding their preferred means of transport, the scooter. From the Small Faces and the Who, right through to the Jam, Madness, and on to grunge, Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder and Oasis, the parka has remained a garment expressing youth culture with a touch of rebellion, accompanying distressed jeans and Canadian-style shirts.

The parka by Boggi Milano

Parkas are traditionally military green, but there are some alternatives, including our own white version. Boggi Milano’s Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection includes a white parka with goosedown padding, a garment that provides excellent protection against the cold while also providing an innovative appearance. The high-tech, high-performance fabric is water-repellent; the garment has a hood; and at the front it is fastened by means of both buttons and zip.

Look parka bianco

Made in Regular Fit, it can be worn over other garments, such as a soft camel-colour turtle-neck jersey (as in the photo) in pure Todd & Duncan cashmere, and a 100% wool jersey jacket with ribbed texture. In this look the jacket is also in camel colour, in a three-button version with patch pockets. The look is completed by comfortable beige suede sneakers and a ribbed cashmere hat.

An outfit perfect for surviving the winter cold with impeccable style.