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Travel raincoat, a 3-in-1 garment

BO19P071201 Boggi Milano Travel Raincoat-W1606

Multi-tasking. We are becoming accustomed to this word, as it increasingly describes what is expected from us both at work and at home. We have to be capable of switching effortless from one task to another in response to changing requirements. It is not surprising that the same sort of versatility is emerging in menswear. Our Travel Raincoat is the perfect example: a high-technology garment that provides three different formats, perfect for the changeable spring weather.

High-performance technical textile

The outer garment is a single-breasted raincoat made from a special cotton-nylon blend fabric that provides excellent resistance to water – it actively repels raindrops, that slide off the garment – and wind, and is also breathable, stain-resistant and dust-proof. With front button fastening, comfort lining and handy pockets, it is also very stylish, with a perfectly-calibrated length designed to offer complete protection to a jacket. Its navy colour makes it perfect over any style, whether casual jeans, smart casual chinos and blazer, or a suit.

BO19P071201 Boggi Milano Travel Raincoat and internal Bomber Jacket-W1606

Detachable bomber jacket

Inside, there is a super-light zip-away bomber jacket in a slightly lighter shade of blue. It can be fastened inside the raincoat using the zips, creating an extra layer of warmth for the coldest days. Alternatively, it can be detached, and used as a stand-alone bomber jacket, complete with its own pockets, comfort lining and stand-up collar. And of course, the raincoat can be used alone, without the bomber jacket. The Travel Raincoat is the ultimate multi-tasking garment, easily adaptable to whatever the weather holds in store, and ideal for trips to countries with a different climate. The inner bomber jacket is made in a crease-resistant fabric so that it can be carried around in a weekender when you are not wearing it.

BO19P071201 Boggi Milano Travel Raincoat-W1606

Classical and contemporary

The Travel Raincoat is another example of Boggi Milano’s new style approach, combining different influences to create a versatile garment. The raincoat is more classical in design, while the bomber jacket is by nature cool and contemporary. For once, you can have the best of both worlds.