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Travel suit, a revolutionary garment

The Travel Suit by Boggi Milano is an important innovation for a contemporary Gentleman, because, as its name suggests, it offers a lot of advantages for contemporary voyagers. It is incredibly light, making it perfect for the warmer season. It has a remarkable degree of crease-resistance. You have to try it to believe it: you can tie a knot in the jacket sleeve, pull it as tight as you like, untie it again, and you will see that there is no trace of creasing. This gives the Travel Suit an important advantage: you can pack it into a weekender, a trolley or even a backpack, and when you arrive at your destination, you just have to take it out, give it a shake, hang it on a coathanger, and it will be ready to wear, with all the impeccable style that is part of the Boggi Milano heritage.


The Travel Suit’s crease resistance is achieved by the raw materials and technology used in its construction. The yarn is made on the looms of Italian manufacturer Cerruti, using the finest lots of carefully-selected wool. Differently to normal yarns which have a twist in just one direction, it is twisted in both directions, increasing its natural stretch.

Water-repellent and stain-resistant

The Cerruti fabric used for this suit – transeasonal Super 130 wool – has another advantage: it is naturally water-repellent. As a result, it is less vulnerable to stains from liquids such as coffee and wine. The drops of liquid tend to remain on the surface of the fabric and can be simply shaken off.

Travel jacket water repellence

Lightweight and unstructured

The Travel Suit has been part of the Boggi Milano range for several years, but this year there are some subtle improvements that enhance its looks and practicality. While still a fundamentally unlined garment with unstructured shoulders, the jacket has a front placket under the buttons and button holes, and reinforcement at the vents, details that give the garment a more tailored look without a substantial increase in overall weight. The Travel jacket’s five pockets provide space for the items that you need to keep at hand, such as identity documents, boarding card and so forth. A special eyelet has been created for the passage of an earpiece cable, from a smartphone carried in the right-hand inner pocket.

Travel jacket aperture for earpiece

Suit, jacket or blazer

The Travel jacket and trousers can be purchased separately, and this makes it possible to buy two pairs of trousers with a single jacket, an idea that increases the suit’s potential lifespan. The jacket can also be used as a blazer, over denims or chinos and a white shirt. The Travel Suit’s practicality and versatility make it a favourite in the Gentleman’s summer wardrobe, but it is in fact an all-season garment. Browse and purchase the Travel suit on the Boggi Milano website.